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Lee Sinclair vividly remembers the satisfaction felt after her first sale - and it made her want more! To think that someone actually wanted to buy something she had hand made was just the bees knees.

A childhood spent drawing and creating pretty much “anything” fueled the move to turn a pastime into a career.

Long days and nights sketching and refining jewellery concepts are all done in her cute studio just a stones throw from her parents place surrounded by 400 olive trees, which she shares with creative partner Kelly and her cat, ‘Mouse’.

It’s not really an organised process for Lee, with inspiration striking at the strangest of times. Those ideas are then taken to paper to bring to life - well, some of them anyway.

“I know very quickly whether that idea is going to work or not, and if they’re looking good it still takes a lot of fine tuning. The most essential part of it is not being afraid to fail.”

Her solid fan base in Canterbury is all due to the uniqueness of her items. “Each deeply invokes meaning to those it adorns. Timeless and made with love our creations are made to cherish forever.”


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