Egg Quilts

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When you’re an obsessive fabric hoarder, there is only one way to reduce the the stash… by making quilts! For Sue Strobel, the solo crafter behind Egg Quilts, the quilting love affair began when her Mum made them for her as a youngin, using material from the dresses she had outgrown.


So why ‘Egg’ quilts you may ask… well, they are Sue’s little quilt babies! Each masterpiece is nursed for 30-35 hours before it hatches into the finished product. The endless fabric measuring, binding, cutting and framing is a true labour of love!


Starting her venture with no background in sewing but with “a little tenacity, an absolute adoration for the craft, and help from YouTube how-to videos”, we think Sue has done a damn good job at turning a curiosity for patchworking into a profitable passion.



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