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National Park

Having been an art and design teacher for 15 years, Lizzie Thomas decided it was time to take a step to the side and pursue the creation of her own artwork under the moniker Ella Quaint. And we’re very glad she did! Lizzie is now the creator of a breathtaking menagerie of birds and beasts, all intricately etched with true to life detail, then built up with careful layers of watercolour paint.

Following the success of her beautiful prints Lizzie now designs artwork for children, under the brand Ella Cute based on her illustrations.

“Many, many layers  go into creating a sense of depth to the different colours and detail to the different textures that can occur within a bird or animal. Watercolour is an honest medium, if you make a mistake there is no concealing it.”

With a “slightly demented” cat called Monster as her muse and a basement studio that opens onto a rural park, Lizzie also draws inspiration from David Attenborough’s nature documentaries and the work of JG Keulemans (turn-of-the-century illustrator of Buller’s Birds) and New Zealand artist Raymond Ching.


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