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Katherine McGowan was keeping a family tradition alive when she named her business 'ernest'. The first name of her Grandfather and middle name of her Dad didn’t make the cut when naming her children, so the namesake for her work baby seemed like the next best thing.

Initially an outlet for creating products that her children wanted in their rooms, Katherine soon introduced her love for vintage and the macabre to the Ernest brand.

From her home studio overlooking the families guinea pigs, Katherine’s quite happy to sit for hours alone drawing or making things, which is helpful when you’re a solo outfit. Her original artworks take anywhere from a couple of days to a week or two to finish; smudges on pencil drawings are removed in photoshop, but that’s as far as the digital intervention goes.

From there they’re made into anything - prints, cards, decorations, books, or homewares - for others to enjoy as much as Katherine did creating them.


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