Harry's Garden

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As a child of the 80’s, Toni Spencer has always believed that ‘girls can do anything’, and it was with this mantra in mind that the crazy, wonky characters of Harry’s Garden came to life.  

After hunting everywhere for a special toy for her son, Toni turned to herself to make something amazing. The first toy was a monkey - Harry Monkey.  Next came a few friends - Marla Rabbit and Bruno Bear - and before she knew it Harry’s Garden was filling up with snuggly friends for her son, and other children, to enjoy. 

The critters in Harry’s Garden are more than ridiculously cute soft toys though. Doubling as heat and cooling packs and blankets, there's an emphasis on quality and care that’s obvious in the end result.

“I'm really conscious about using fabrics that are gentle on your skin – my son had excema as a baby and I would use the Heaties cold to sooth his itchy cheeks. I've absolutely lost sleep and then fallen in love with all of my creations and I think that shows – right down to the packaging.”


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