Hector Rose

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As a keen photographer, Ashleigh Fleming has always had a love for interiors and decor. During her travels in South Africa in 2013 she captured a roaming Giraffe, inspiring the ‘savannah’ theme behind some of her photographic prints. Striking and very unique, Ashleigh’s collection is a quirky celebration of minimalistic style, Scandi living, and some pretty awesome animals!

And if you’re wondering who ‘Hector Rose’ is... it’s a name that combines the two inspirational figures behind Ashleigh’s work; her Pop (Hector) and Nan (Rose). “Nan had always kept a magnificent garden. The roses that lined her front fence were particularly stunning and caught the attention of all the passers by. To this day they are still the best roses I have ever smelt!”

Since the inception and launch of Hector Rose in 2015, Ashleigh’s grown a lot along the way. Being a perfectionist, she’s learnt to set timelines & cutoff dates, and to “not wait for things to be perfect, because they never will be!” She’s also discovered that making mistakes is okay. “While they are stressful at the time, and you feel like the world is ending, there is a lot to be learnt from them”. Very wise words!