Joanne Bowe

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Te Awamutu

Nestled in the undulating countryside of Te Awamutu, Joanne Bowe’s illustration studios are filled with imagery of the beautiful bird- and plant-life the rural town has to hold. You’ll often find her with a camera, exploring the countryside, photographing flora & fauna; after all, nature and animals play a huge part in her creation process.

Her work celebrates our New Zealand native wildlife, complimented with precious gemstones and jewellery. Being another passion of hers, including these glittering gems not only sets her pieces apart from others, but it also honours Joanne on a personal level - each drawing tells a creative story of the animals and jewels she’s discovered and has come to love.

And if you’re curious as to what the future holds with Joanne Bowe: “Maybe a line of jewellery! I’m always looking to add another string to my ‘Bowe’”.


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