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After spending years in an academic research career, Vanessa Hammond took the plunge “away from her left-brain and into her soul space”. Utilising her skills as a crystal and reiki healer, she began her range of beautiful authentic healing jewellery. Manaakitanga is the Maori concept of kindness and generosity – a direct reflection of Vanessa’s creations being kind for the soul.


You’ll likely find Vanessa nestled in an inspiring corner of her home or garden creating her precious designs. Using a mix of organic and inorganic materials, each piece is hand-knotted with the crystals cleansed and charged with reiki energy, the process taking up to 5 hours for each unique piece.


The aim of Vanessa’s jewellery is for the wearer to be reconnected with their happy place, find strength, and heal from it. Always looking for what’s next – Manaakitanga Soul have got ethereal rings on the horizon for their next range!


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