Margaret Petchell

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Margaret Petchell has been drawing faces since she was a child. Self taught, she would studiously imitate work by masters of the trade while in high school. This progressed into an interest in make up artistry and with that, the development of her eye for detail and a good dose of perfectionism.


Sixteen years later, Margaret illustrates nothing less than beauty, all from the corner of her living room. “I have an ability to create a connection through the eyes of the painted subject. For me, the birds and animals are the Mona Lisas of their world! My works are realistic, but never quite photographically so - I don’t strive for that - they must always be my interpretation or style. That’s what makes them unique.”


Each work generally starts from a photograph, first taking the form of a pencil sketch. Then over the course of anywhere between two weeks and six months, layers upon layers of paint are applied, gradually building up the detail and texture.


“I am inspired to paint by my love of detail, colour, ability to create beauty, and the great sense of achievement I get from producing a painting I feel happy with.”


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