1950s Vintage Grey Cot Blanket

by Lou and Olly

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This 1950s inspired vintage baby blanket is made from nature's wonder-product, 100% merino wool.  It's Eco dyed to ensure ultimate comfort against your baby's skin.

This generous size (95cm x 115cm) blanket is ideal for cots of all sizes and make a perfect snuggle rug for both babies and toddlers. 

The high quality weave means it will retain its shape to be handed down to your next child - and the vintage pattern gives the blanket a beautiful homespun look as if granny knitted it herself!

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Lou and Olly

Lou & Olly is named after the affectionate nicknames for the owner’s two daughters Brooke Lucy and Olivia. Lou & Olly was born in a New Zealand nursery and made out of the desire to provide parents and children with the purest, most comfortable bedding available. Each intricate design and product is proudly New Zealand made using natures wonder fibre – 100% pure merino wool.

Owner Jane Blakey seeks inspiration for these blankets from many sources, including friends, parents and often grandparents. Old knitting books or pieces passed down from her own Nanna often sparks an idea for a new design. Each piece is made lovingly and to the highest quality with the intention to be used for generations.

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