Kia Ora Sign

by LisaSarah

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'Kia Ora' is based on LisaSarah's super popular 'Hello' of the same aesthetic. It is a striking entrance piece, perfect for your home or office.

The sign is cut from high grade brushed stainless steel and powder-coated with a super durable Dulux UV resistant finish in classic matte black.


200mm Wide

900mm Long

This artwork is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with the wall or fence it is mounted on able to be seen through the artwork.

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Lisa Turley says she has a borderline “unhealthy” passion for steel. It was during the landscaping of her family home that this was realised - nothing would cut it as a decoration for their garden’s feature wall. So, Lisa sourced the best material (steel, of course) and got to work. 
And that was it - she was hooked. While her two baby boys took their daytime naps or were fast asleep at night, Lisa would get out the scrapbook to tweak concepts that she’d previously jotted on paper or in her phone, then turn them into eco-friendly, customisable and 100% Kiwi made steel art. 
“I see ideas in EVERYTHING. Everywhere, every day. I love NZ flora, fauna and icons, but also have a passion for fonts, texts and sayings...but not the standard ones. I like something a little edgy and unique that you won’t see everywhere.” 


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