Linen Chart Board

by Chart Noticeboards


Simple yet sophisticated, this Linen image board is a great way to set out your week's schedule.

The design is available in Small or Medium in your choice of the following two surface materials:

  • Acrylic - High-gloss acrylic perspex (4.5mm deep). Can be written on with liquid chalk pens and wiped clean with microfibre cloth.
  • Magnetic - Metal magnetic panel wrapped in a semi-gloss vinyl (18mm deep). Can be written on with liquid chalk pens and wiped clean with microfibre cloth. An added benefit of this surface is magnetic boxes or clips can be used to attach papers or store pens. 


Small - 400mm x 600mm

Medium - 600mm x 800mm

A white liquid chalk bullet pen will be included with your purchase.

Surface Type



Oversize delivery $20
Small jayne and sarah

Chart Noticeboards

As a mum with three children, Sarah Gamble’s household schedule is hectic, to say the least. Juggling weekly school activities, work schedules, meal planning and other events, Sarah knew a central organising point would make her own, and other families' lives a lot easier!


But with no luck finding a colourful notice board that would allow everyone to see the weekly routine, Sarah brought it upon herself to make her own... And they were an absolute hit with fellow frantic families! Sarah then enlisted the technical support of sister Jayne Foster, and the duo now run the bustling business, dividing their time between crucial day-to-day and strategic tasks.


‘Chart’ reflects the aim of the boards to ‘chart’ out your week, while acting as an ‘art’ work in your home. They reinvent current market offerings that have yet to evolve from the same-old lackluster provision. Chart Noticeboards double as a bright artwork and also offer a template for organising busy lives!

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