Soap Dish

by Claybird Ceramics

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A lovely understated dish to complete your bathroom decor!

Individually handmade, from beautiful NZ porcelain infused with Waihi Beach Sand and glazed.

Handwash Only. Dimensions: 7.5cm width x 10cm length x 2cm height.

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Claybird Ceramics

Yon Kavvas' love of clay and ceramics has been slowly brewing in the background until her last little one started school...and now it's ready to roll. 

The boutique and handmade nature of Claybird ceramics is what makes them so unique. "Imperfection is personality", and it's that not-so-perfect feel of her pieces that all adds to the fun and whimsical collection. 

"Serving up food for the table in handmade ceramics is so satisfying". Yon believes in using everything you love, what's the point of buying something and not using it? If she needs it, she'll make it. Slow and steady wins the race, and with such beautiful ceramics we certainly don't mind waiting. 

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