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Turning the notion of a mother's kiss into a sweet book character is where it all began for Ami Muir. Her clever concept for The Kiss Co’s first creative foray, I Got You Some Kisses was conceived while she was at home looking after her 3 month old baby. After leaving the room briefly she had told him that she had brought some kisses back for him. “I realised what a lovely message that was, and sat down and wrote the story”.

Coming from an advertising background Ami knew what it would take to make this great idea a reality. She collaborated with a knockout team of talented individuals and got the financial ball rolling with a successful kickstarter campaign.

With a business philosophy to source materials that are both renewable and ethical, The Kiss Co. tries to bring a little burst of happiness to those who need it the most. “We think we’re the first in the world to bring the kiss to life. We love the idea that kisses are everywhere around us, and won’t ever run out.  



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